We focus on situations that traditional private equity investors find difficult to handle.


INOPAL is an investment management and consulting company focusing on privately owned small and medium sized enterprises based in the Czech Republic.

Our investment focus is mainly on situations that traditional private equity investors find difficult to handle. We are ready to invest in companies where ownership is not yet separated from management, companies with temporary operational difficulties, companies where there are disagreements between co-owners, and other situations typically requiring a temporary active participation

In similar situations, we are also ready to act in an advisory role. We support company owners who are looking for help with their ownership or operating structure. This may include support in the process of succession, separation of ownership and management, finding optimal governance, supervision or management of a (family) business, setting up a model for maintaining (family) assets in case the owner does not have suitable family members or needs to combine professionals and family members in asset management.

INOPAL relies on an experienced team and an extensive network of international contacts across a number of industries and functions. In addition to financial support, we typically take an active role (for a transitional period) in our investments and we full y leverage our know-how and network.


Investment focus

As part of our investment activities, we focus on small and medium sized enterprises, where we can add value by addressing one of the following issues:

Investment Criteria


As part of our advisory activities we focus on the following situations:


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